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.Wana Brands has been an innovator in the Colorado infused products industry since 2010. As one of Colorado’s original infused products manufacturers, Wana has developed an amazing line-up of artisan, made from scratch edibles, concentrates, and medicinal products including the state’s most popular sour gummies. Wana also offers the first extended release capsule on the market, available in three THC to CBD ratios. We also believe that eating an edible or consuming a concentrate should be a treat. 

We’ve invested in refining our recipes so that the taste of our delicious products comes through, not the taste of medicine.

"Every plant deserves to be grown to its full genetic potential.

Every patient deserves to have access to and use the plant most helpful to them for their specific issue."
TJ's Organic Gardens is known for not only supplying some of the most incredible bud on earth, but

they strive to grow for medicinal values and properties, rather chasing "highs".

Certified Kind- Organic Grower

"Cannassentials means the highest quality, living soil grown cannabis; utilizing age old techniques and the power of the earth to produce the most potent, flavorful and pungent flowers. Grown in controlled environment greenhouses, drenched by the sun’s natural energy in conjunction with supplemented high-intensity lighting, our plants thrive in beyond organic living soil created by probiotic farming methods. This technique provides our plants with every essential micronutrient elements not found in conventional growing methods. The results are higher quality harvests, more fragrant bouquets and abundant terpene profiles."

Cannassentials Website

At Leif Goods, we are thoughtful about eating organic, natural and unprocessed foods, and know that cannabis consumption should be no different. This is why we pay close attention to the quality and nature of the ingredients we choose to include in our products.  We always use whole foods void of preservatives, coloring, high fructose corn syrup or mystery ingredients. Everything we put into our chocolate bars is responsibly sourced to be fair trade, organic whenever they can be, and as sustainable as possible.
All products are handmade in Portland, OR.

Bhombchellys Jellys are all natural edibles developed, tested and created in Portland, Oregon. Utilizing only the finest ingredients from trusted medical providers,

"At Higher Love, we are devoted to cultivating cannabis to its greatest genetic potential. We take pride in our strict organic practices, the care we provide our plants, and the quality of flower they produce. We have witnessed firsthand the healing power of cannabis and seek to further spread the knowledge of its medicinal value through our work.

Established in 2011, Higher Love is a boutique Cultivation Collective specializing in exotic, craft cannabis. It all starts with our no-till, organic living soil: Amended with only organic materials and hand-mixed by the Higher Love Team, it provides the plants with all they need and desire throughout their life cycle. Bio-dynamic accumulators and bio-char are sourced from wild forests, adding diversity, unique Oregon micro fauna, and balance to our soil. "

TJ's Provisions